June 8, 2015

Clemency Project 2014 - Notice to the Bar - District of New Jersey


Clemency Project 2014 was conceived to provide pro bono legal assistance to federal prisoners seeking to reduce their sentences on the ground that they likely would have received a substantially lesser sentence had they been sentenced today.

To facilitate the screening process of Clemency Project 2014, Chief Judge Jerome B. Simandle signed Standing Order No. 15-1 on March 24, 2015. Under that order, pro bono counsel may request the documents listed therein from the United States Probation Office, U.S. Pretrial Services, and the Clerk’s Office of this Court upon presentation of the signed, written consent of their client.

Procedure for Requesting Documents under Standing Order No. 15-1:

Pro bono counsel requesting documents under Standing Order No. 15-1 should first review the docket and obtain the “pertinent” documents through PACER.

Those documents NOT available on PACER can be requested from the United States Probation Office in Newark. The written request listing the documents, along with the consent form signed by the client, should be forwarded to:

Wilfredo Torres, Chief Probation Officer
United States Probation Office
50 Walnut St., Room 1005
Newark, NJ 07101-0459

A copy of the written request and signed consent form must also be forwarded to:

Beth Neugass, Deputy Chief, Investigations, at her email address: Beth_Neugass@njp.uscourts.gov. 

As for documents NOT available through PACER or from the Probation Office, the Probation Office will deliver the document request to the designated personnel in the Clerk’s Office and/or Pretrial Services. Those offices will then send the requested documents to the requesting attorney.

Transcripts of Court Proceedings: The Clerk’s Office will provide to pro bono counsel, free of charge, only those transcripts which have been filed with the Court and are located in the Clerk’s Office file. Transcripts of court proceedings not filed with the Clerk’s Office must be obtained directly from the court reporter at the cost assessed by the reporter. The Clerk’s Office will assist pro bono counsel in contacting the court reporter as to the request.

June 1, 2015                                                               WILLIAM T. WALSH, CLERK